Mittwoch, Mai 19, 2004

Cameroon not to the World Cup 2006?

Because of the sanction of the FIFA concerning a "wrong" tricot dress, Cameroon gets a loss of 6 points for their qualification which makes nearly impossible to qualify for the World Cup. Are they are getting nuts now? The initiative "Save the game" is trying to stop this sanction by "1 Million Voices for Cameroon!". So Cameroon has my voice because I like to see Cameroon here in Germany.

Pragmatic Manager...

This morning I had an interesting discussion with some of my colleagues. We were just discussing about how projects go when Managers act a little more pragmatic. If there is a need of pragmatic programmers, isn't there also one of pragmatic Managers?

Montag, Mai 17, 2004

What a day...

Well, many of my colleagues are on holiday, so today I was the only developer of my team in the office, but I'm still alive :-)
I'm also almost finished with the update of the Tempomat-Site where Peter and me put our CruiseControl Experience on. Hopefully I just make it before the (long) weekend.

Samstag, Mai 15, 2004

Visiting Bremen

Yep, today I'm going to visit Bremen and having a BBQ with some friends there. Actually I'm trying out the XMLPull-Parser, and if I have the time I will try to set up some PerformanceTests on this. Christian Gross just told me about the ongoing discussions in America about PullParsers and I'm looking forward to what we can expect of this technology.

Donnerstag, Mai 13, 2004

Last JAX day

After three days of interesting talks with interesting people the JAX 2004 Conference had reached its end. I ended up by giving a speech about "Build-Management". About 45 people were listening and hopefully it was interesting for them. So after all it was a very successful time with lots of thoughts, incitements and fun. I'll be looking forward to next year or maybe the WJAX in November in Munich.

Created my first weblog

After listening to an interesting session on JAX 2004 about Wiki's, WebLogs, etc, I decided to create my first weblog. Matthew Langham just get me here :-)